GrinAid is an artist who works with the medium of spraypaint and hand-cut stencils. On top of this he also works with the medium of screenprinting, both on paper and textiles. He was born and raised in Wanganui, New Zealand where he lived until moving to London, England in 1997. It was while living in London that he was introduced to the free-party scene and the music genre acid techno which he still plays today.

GrinAid works with both interior and exterior decoration in the form of painted murals and has been commissioned to create artwork for clients such as Miljöpartiet, RFSU, Malmö Stad, MKB, ABF, Malmö Stadsbibliotek and Stapelbäddsparken amongst many others. GrinAid has also been involved with many projects both in Sweden and throughout Europe and through these projects has also worked with The Danish Cultural Institute, The British Council in Sweden, EUNIC, Sadolin and Flugger Färg.

Since 2003, GrinAid has been based in Malmö, Sweden. At present, GrinAid is working on developing his artwork and is currently studying towards a bachelors degree in Design and Visual Communication at Malmö Högskola.