Last year I was commissioned to create some artwork for MKB here in Malmö for the entranceway to their Möllan office and the surrounding apartments. The idea was to paint something representative of Möllan and the diversity, movement and life that can be found here.
The idea of painting the square was decided on as it encompasses many of the great points of Möllan, cultural diversity, the market, the outdoor pubs and cafes and a general meeting place for the people of Möllan and Malmö.

This was a special piece for me as I have lived in Malmö for the past ten years and have lived in Möllan the whole time and consider it very much to be home. The piece was painted using spraypaint, acrylic with a brush and marker pens and is over 8 metres long including the stairway alcove leading to the office.

Thanks to Bo, Sandra and all the rest of MKB's Möllan office for all the help.